Frequently Asked Questions

How many single hair follicles can be placed daily?
Between 1500-2000 hair follicles, therefore, please plan to be here for the appropriate number of days, which is dictated by the number of hair follicles you are having placed.
Do I have to shave my head?
If you are having up to 800 hair follicles, it is possible to have the procedure without shaving all the donor site IF your hair in the donor region is longer that 5cm in length.  We will then shave an area of the donor site where donor hairs will be removed from, and the existing donor hair will cover the area that has been shaved. If you are having a procedure of over 1500 hairs follicles, then YES, we must shave all the donor site. We can either shave the head fully or into an American GI type of style.We would recommend you have a short haircut prior to coming for your procedure, should you be undergoing a 2000 hair follicle of more procedure.  We require 1mm-2mm of hair to be attached to the donor follicles.
What is the latest a procedure can start within the day?

Due to the length of each procedure, 10:00am is the latest time of start. Any arrivals post 10am will have to be postponed to the following day or the next availability by the doctor.
Would I be able to fly within the same day of the procedure?
For procedures of over 1500 hairs, we would recommend you relax on the evening of your procedure and fly home the following day.  Should you be having less than 1500 hairs, then yes you may fly home the same day.
Does the clinic offer accommodation?
We do not offer accommodation. However we can assist you with hotel recommendations near to the clinic, or within Dubai.
Will I feel pain post procedure within the evening?
There is no pain following the procedure.
Would a family member or friend be able to accompany me during the procedure?
Yes, that is possible.
Is there any bandaging following the procedure?

There is no bandaging, but we usually apply a material gauze to the donor area for 2-4 hours following the procedure.
Will I need to take medication following the procedure?

Yes, you will be given antibiotics which will need to be taken for four days following the procedure.
Is there any swelling / edema following the procedure?

For procedures of up to 2000 hair follicles it is very unlikely but for larger procedures there a possibility of swelling / edema in the forehead region for 3 days.  As this is a very minimally invasive procedure, a small percentage of patients experience swelling / edema following the procedure.

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