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With more than 18 years experience within hair transplants, Dr.Ziakas is a world renowned expert in hair transplant surgery. He has completed more than 3,500 successful procedures and patient follow ups. He is a member of the International Society of the Hair Restoration , and has started working in hair transplant industry in 2003 in world renowned clinics in Athens , London , Paris, Mumbai, New Delhi , Limassol, Dublin and Cork.  Since 2010 he is a resident doctor in Al Borj Clinic deciding to offer his vision in UAE for quality customer patient orientated hair transplants

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Dr.Ziakas Hair Transplants Dubai
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Over 3,500 hair transplants

Over 3,500 successful hair transplant procedures with over 18 years of experience performed by Al Borj resident Dr.Ziakas
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Successfully completed hair transplants
Technology and expertease
Dr.Ziakas uses the direct hair transplant method which is one of the most effective and qualitative procedures for hair transplant. It involves implanting each individual hair within the scalp, By using the most minimum invasive FUE punches allowing fast recovery of 3 to 5 days post procedure.And implanting by using specially created implanters to offer natural hair with great density and minimum trauma
Patient Oriented Care
At Alborj Clinic, we focus on the patient first, and that is why every treatment is carefully designed for each individual patient and personally conducted by Dr.Ziakas himself from start to finish. This includes the initial consultation, procedure and follow up post procedure.
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Patient Oriented Care
Why choosing the right hair clinic is so important:

Hair transplants is a life changing decision. It alters our physical look and provides a boost to self esteem. Booking the most experienced and professional clinic and doctor is of utmost importance.

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During Hair transplant Session
Consultation After Transplant

The doctor will examine the area of the scalp, the donor’s hair and determine how much hair the client will need. The doctor will also discuss options with the client and assess the extent to which the transplant can proceed.

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Free Consultation by doctor before Hair Transplantation


For alborj , success starts from consultation, when the client visits the clinic, the doctor provides the correct information based on the hair conditions whether the patients are qualified for the transplant immediately, or require further treatment before proceeding to the transplant.