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With more than 18 years experience within hair transplants, Dr.Ziakas is a world renowned expert in hair transplant surgery. He has completed more than 3,500 successful procedures and patient follow ups. He is a board member of the World Society of the Hair Restoration and is a resident doctor at Alborj Clinic since 2008. 

18 years of experience with more than 3,500 hair transplants


Our initial consultation is free and provides an in depth procedure description. The doctor is also able to examine the patient and provide them with an analysis and treatment advice


Within the initial analysis Dr.Ziakas is able to examine the quality of the patients hair and scalp quality and provide a tailored approach for treatment and procedure.


Our clinic is equipped with the latest state of the art hair transplant technology which facilitates the best possible results within hair transplant for the patient. 


Patient Google Review

Omar Roshdy

Thank you Dr. Ziakas! The results were even better than i expected!
Thank you Mamdoh for the amazing hospitality and welcome!

 Hussam Abuassi

Great experience with Dr . Dimitrios Ziakas , Really he is a great Doctor and  Very Kind , I would like to thankx him Alot and also i would thank Mr Mamdoh Al Abdullah and all the staff in the clinic My Hair is super and i love it .


Dr. Ziakas personally conducts a detailed and qualitative treatment manually. This ensures absolute craftsmanship and precision which cannot be replicated by cheap or speedy procedures like fully automated or robotic techniques for hair extraction and transplantation, that can damage the donor area and provide negative and poor end-results.

Personalized quality driven procedure

Technology and expertease

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Dr.Ziakas uses the direct transplant method which is one of the most effective and qualitative. It involves implanting each individual hair within the scalp, allowing for precise placement of direction and fast recovery of 3 to 5 days post procedure. 

Hair transplants is a life changing decision. It alters our physical look and provides a boost to self esteem. Booking the most experienced, professional and highest quality clinic and doctor is of utmost importance. Call us and find out what makes AlBorj different.

At Alborj Clinic, we focus on the patient first, and that is why every treatment is carefully designed for each individual patient and personally conducted by Dr.Ziakas himself from start to finish. This includes the initial consultation, procedure and follow up post procedure. 

Why choosing the right hair clinic is so important:

Patient Oriented Care

Over 3,500 successful hair transplant procedures with over 18 years of experience performed by Al Borj resident Dr.Ziakas

Dr. Ziakas 

Expert Hair Transplant Surgeon

I want to thank Dr. Dimitrios and his team for the wonderfull experience. They were very helpful and understanding. It was like dealing with a friend not a doctor so once again thank you very much Dr Dimitrios.

I would really like to thank you Dr.Ziakas for your creational work and the effort for all details.It was an amazing experience. May God Bless You.Never to forget the whole team.Thanks Guys

Mohammed Essam

Patient Google Review

Patient Google Review

Patient Google Review

Shawqi Thabet

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