About Dr.Ziakas

Over 18 years experience

Hair transplants is a life changing decision. It alters our physical look and provides a boost to self esteem. Booking the most experienced, professional and highest quality clinic and doctor is of utmost importance. With more than 18 years of professional experience and 3,500 successful procedures, Dr.Ziakas is a world renowned expert in hair transplant surgery.  

Board certified transplant surgeon
Conducting procedures from 2008
Over 3,500 successful procedures
Natural look and hairline direction results
Hair transplant technique
What are the types of techniques that the doctor uses?
The doctor uses the most qualitative and effective procedure called the "direct hair transplant" which is the latest and the most advanced technique within hair transplant surgeries in the world. Dr.Ziakas utilizes a special device called (FUE punches), through which he is able to obtain the donors hair follicles by separating them from the skin. With his experience he is using the smallest less traumatic punch sizes available. The complete process is done manualy and without any assistance of a machine in order to achieve maximum graft quality and minimum trauma.

During the implinatation procedure, the doctor inserts the hair directly within the designate implants area, without opening any holes, thus preserving the health of the scalp for a rapid regeneration and recovery. This procedure is performed in order to obtain the natural look of the hairline and retain the desired hair line direction and its increased density.
Direct verses FUE
What is the difference between direct hair transplant and normal FUE?
The main difference is in the density, which is two centimeters in thickness. Direct implant allows for more hair to be transplanted in comparison to the normal FUE procedure. In addition, the healing process is much faster with the direct hair implant procedure. Whereas the FUE process takes around two to three weeks to recover from, direct hair transplant allows for a more rapid recovery of three to five days from the completion of the procedure. Due to the fast healing process the body is able to support the head with more blood circulation within the implant area resulting in a overall better result.

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